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Is it OK to buy a purebred cat?

There are some factors to consider before choosing a new cat. One of these is whether to choose a pure breed or a half-breed. There are some factors to consider before choosing a new cat. One of these is to ask whether to choose a purebred cat or not and what difference this choice can make in its needs and characteristics.

The way a cat behaves depends on some genetic factors and the experiences it was exposed to during the socialization process. This process is short for kittens and ends at around eight weeks, although the kitten will remain receptive to behavioral change for up to six months.

To choose a purebred cat or not?

There is no right and wrong answer, just personal preference. Some people prefer to take a cat from a shelter, combining a good deed with the pleasure of having a cat.

It is sometimes possible to find purebred cats in shelters as many breed clubs also provide rescue services for cats left without families.

Sometimes breeders themselves look for a family for their cats, although most prefer to keep breeding cats with them once they have been neutered.

Choosing to get a cat with or without a pedigree will affect the cat's offspring. Although most purebred animals can be found from breeders, the progeny of non-pedigreed cats is more diverse. The most common cases are the litters of a friend or neighbor or shelters.

Why choose a purebred cat?

A breed is created by selective interbreeding, which establishes distinctive physical characteristics: long coat, the shape of the head and ears or tail. This selection also affects temperament and behavior. This is why the character traits of a single breed are generally well defined. It is much more difficult to guess the disposition of an adopted or rescued kitten, and cat enthusiasts will tell you this is part of their charm. Most purebred cat enthusiasts are attracted not only by the beauty of the animal but also by its character.

For example, the Ragdoll is famous for being a relaxed and quiet cat, able to adapt to a new home quickly; Norwegian Forest cats have a friendly temperament which makes them excellent pets for children, while Oriental cats are famous for needing the owner to devote time to them and to forge powerful bonds with their human companions. Knowing the characteristics and needs of each pure breed will help you choose the cat that best suits your expectations.

Today, the Ragdoll, Maine Coon, and Bengal appear pretty popular. Recently there has been a proliferation of new breeds with specific physical characteristics, such as the Naked Sphynx, the Curly and Fluffy Rex and the Tailless Isle of Man Cat.

There is a tendency to choose a physically attractive breed, but even more critical factors are temperament and behavior, which must be adapted to the future owner. To find out more about the characteristics and needs of cat breeds, visit our breeds list or attend a cat show and talk to breeders.

The advantages and disadvantages of raising purebred cats

· Advantage 1. Zero is easy to choose

Breeding purebred cats, you can easily choose according to the body shape, coat color and personality of the cat in your mind, and the error is usually not significant.

  • Advantage 2, good breeding conditions

Purebred cats mean that you may have to go to the breeder's shop to buy. Because of their high commercial value, professional breeders mostly have a better breeding environment, with better sanitary conditions, nutritional status, and socialization.

  • Disadvantage 1, zero price is high.

Purebred cats need to be purchased, which are more expensive.

  • Disadvantages 2, many inbreeding problems

Purebred cats often mate with close relatives to maintain their pure blood, so they have immune system defects and physical structure problems.

The advantages and disadvantages of raising mixed cats

· Advantage 1, save the cat's life.

Abandoned cats all over the street have an unpleasant and short life. If you can take them home, you will undoubtedly save its life.

  • Advantage 2. No need to spend money to buy

Hybrid cats do not require you to spend a lot of money to buy them, especially if they are adopted from a nursery. But this is not the only reason to raise a mixed cat. Once you embrace it, it is no different from raising a purebred cat. It would help if you took the same care of it.

  • Advantage 3. Mixed cats are stronger

Mixed cats are generally stronger than purebred cats, so raising hybrid cats is more accessible.

  • Disadvantage 1, no pure blood

There are a few disadvantages of choosing mixed cats, but it may be tricky if you want to know the eight generations and breeds of your cat's ancestors or participate in a purebred cat show.

  • Disadvantage 2, not close to humans

Suppose your cat comes from the street or in the nursery. In that case, it may have bad memories and experiences for humans, seriously affecting its personality and brand spirit, and you need to spend more time and patience. If necessary, you can seek the assistance of a veterinarian.

· Disadvantage 3. Infectious diseases

A mixed cat from the street may have an infectious disease. After you adopt it, you should take it to the animal hospital for a thorough examination as soon as possible.

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