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Our cattery is proud to announce that we are expanding to include British Shorthair Kittens, a long-held vision for our breeding program. Our focus for now will be on producing big, bright Golden Chinchillas from award-winning lines around the world. 

Our British Shorthair Line



Mango is our handsome stud and he comes to us from one of the best lines in Europe. His golden coat is soft, fluffy, and oh so bright. He is a true NY12 with sparkling emerald green eyes that will melt your heart.



Munchie is our adorable snacking queen who always has room for treats. She is a stunning NY12 with captivating green eyes and comes from robust champion European bloodlines. 

Honey is a delightful addition to our cattery, with her exquisite coat and charming personality. As a BY12, she boasts a distinct set of honey-emerald eyes that further accentuate her unique beauty.


Biscuit is a playful and mischievous feline that enjoys perching and snatching cold cuts. She belongs to the NY25 breed and possesses captivating green eyes.


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