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Queens Scottish Fold Cattery

Once you decide that you want to be on our waiting list for a planned litter, a nonrefundable deposit of $300 is required to hold your spot. We'll inform you of the available kittens' colors and genders as soon as they become reservable. We match you with your desired kitten based on your position on our waitlist.

  • If you decide that there is a kitten that you would like to confirm as your choice, then we require that you pay 25% of the price of the selected kitten to mark it as reserved on our website, at this time you will be required to sign a purchase agreement with Queens Scottish Fold (a copy will be sent to you for your review).

  • Balance due must be paid in full to Queens Scottish Fold (including, but not limited to, balance due, and any associated delivery fees). The reserved kitten would not be delivered or leave Queens Scottish Fold's home unless and until all monies are paid to Queens Scottish Fold Cattery, and Buyer executes and returns a signed copy of the purchase agreement. If the balance due is not paid at the agreed-upon time, any deposit is deemed "forfeited."

  • If a kitten has been reserved and the kitten buyer cannot pay the balance due within the agreed time, the buyer forfeits the deposit and will not receive a kitten.

  • If the Buyer changes his/her mind and no longer desires to purchase said kitten from Queens Scottish Fold Cattery (for any reason) or is unable to pay Queens Scottish Fold Cattery the balance due on the reserved kitten within the agreed-upon time. The forfeited deposit is considered liquidated damages to Queens Scottish Fold. This is due to multiple reasons including our cattery turning away multiple buyers when the kitten was placed on hold.

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