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Delivery & Pick Up

Queens Scottish Fold Cattery

Delivery or pick-up is the Sole responsibility of the new buyer. Queens Scottish Fold can help with information but booking and paying for any shipping will be the ultimate financial and logistic responsibility of the buyer.

Options for Picking Up Your Kitten:

  1. Picking up in our nursery in Queens, NY. Please be sure to bring a cat carrier for safe transportation of the kitten. No kitten will leave our home unless a carrier is provided. If a kitten buyer does not have a cat carrier with them on the date of pick-up, a carrier can be purchased from us for $50. This provision is for the safety and well-being of the kitten or cat while traveling in your car.​

  2. Delivery within NYC is an option for an additional cost of $350 + tolls. We will deliver the kitten to your door steps. This is contingent on our availability.

  3. Delivery via pet nanny, we can provide you with a contractor we use, or you may find your own. This will cost around ~$500-$1200 stateside and will be the responsibility of the new owner.

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