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Queens Scottish Fold Cattery


Heather B, Matamora, PA

“What a amazing experience! Picked up our perfect little girl yesterday! Jenny and David walked us through everything, from meeting them through FaceTime seeing the momma (Luna) and babies, getting daily photos and video updates, answering all questions you may have, supplying a list of everything to prepare (I didn't want to change her diet so this was important) to checking up with you to see how she's adjusting once she's home. Nala is the most loving playful little girl, she loves being pet and giving kisses, she's so playful and cuddly! We surprised our daughter and it was a instant forever bond. I would purchase another kitten from them tomorrow! Highly recommend queens Scottish fold to everyone!!! Thank you again Jenny!” 

Kim T, Brooklyn, NY.

I just got my new kitten from a wonderful family/breeder! The kitten is ADORABLE, sweet, playful, relaxed, and just everything you want in a kitten. The breeders were so kind and helpful in helping me pick a kitten and teaching me about the Scottish fold breed. I got to see photos from when they were born and they continued updating me with photos and videos throughout the waiting period for the kitten to be old enough to take home. They are loving people who raise their cats with kindness and lots of love! They're extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommend!! Cannot say enough nice things!”

Jessica E. Manhattan, NY

“Would definitely recommend to any Scottish fold lover! Overall, such an amazing and positive experience, and I am so happy with my new beautiful Scottish fold Kitten. Jenny is very warm and kind, she does such a great job of taking care of all the kittens as well as her own cats. Each kitten is shown lots of attention, love and affection, before going to their forever homes. Jenny was also kind enough to share updates and photos as the months progressed.”

Lily K, Wallingford, CT

“What an incredible first kitten experience! Jenny was so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. Preparing for his arrival was extremely easy with the product list she sent. Picking him up was a breeze, and once I had him home, I was so impressed with how well he acclimated and took to physical handling and affection. It's very obvious to me how much they love and care for their kittens!”

Niko T, Brooklyn, NY

“What an absolutely stellar first kitten experience! I was greeted on FaceTime by David and Jenny. They educated me on the Scottish Fold breed and answered the plenty of questions I had. David, provided me with exceptional customer service and it is obvious that he does business with honesty and integrity. He worked very hard to ensure that I had a pleasant experience and great things happened as a result of him listening to my concerns and questions. I was able to take home my kitten, Herbie! He also made sure to know that his door was always open if I had any questions or needed advice being a cat dad! Thank you, David!”

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