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Queens Scottish Fold Cattery
  • How do you determine price?
    We set the prices on an individual basis. Many contributing factors go into pricing the kitten. The rarity of the coat color The kittens facial/bone structures Our willingness to keep the kitten back to improve our cattery. Buying on the internet is scary and we understand that. We do our best to keep an active line of communication with buyer and we upload content daily on our Instagram and Facebook. We want our customers to feel comfortable knowing these prices come with honestly, integrity, and an impeccably clean environment.
  • What are your prices?
    Pricing can be found at Our pricing start at : $2500 Scottish Straight/$3500 Scottish Folds/$4000 British Shorthair Please keep in mind that we give up a considerable part of our lives to offer you the best kittens. We are unable to leave our furry children for more than 12 hours at a time. This is a job that never stops and requires 24/7 dedication, 365 days a year. Our kittens are our pride and the pricing is a reflection of that dedication.
  • Scammed! Now what?
    Due to the popularity of Scottish Fold kittens, it almost seems impossible to not run into at least one scammer while on the search for a kitten. It is unfortunate, here are some ways to spot one: They prefer communication via Facebook messenger/Google voice text and do not speak proper English. They do not have photos of kittens playing in groups, because most of their photos are stolen from established breeders. They have multiple breeds of kittens on their haphazardly put together "website," with no information on the kitten's parents. This is a broker at best. They are charging you $500-$1000 for a kitten and offers to "ship it to you." Most of the clients that fall victim to scams are looking for a cheaper way to obtain a kitten. You can find any price on the internet, however, the old adage holds true; you get what you pay for. The pricing you pay for kittens in our cattery reflect the cost of raising healthy and cuddly kittens. We hope the information you find on our page will help you make an informed decision.
  • Should I get another kitty?
    Humans can offer a great deal of love and companionship, however, it will never replicate the company of another feline. In the wild cat live in colonies so when we subject a cat to a lifetime of solitude, we are doing a disservice to our furry friend. Our recommendation is always two kittens. They will entertain themselves when you're not around and will teach each other proper cat etiquette (biting, scratching, hunting etc.). We believe the best combination is to adopt littermates, as they have been together since birth, there will be no adjustment period needed. If you are interested in adopting two kittens at once, please let us know when you fill out our google form. We give priority placement to families that are interested in adopting two kittens from our cattery at the same time.
  • What are your pick up options?
    We have multiple options for taking home your kitten: Pick up in our home in Queens, NY. We require a carrier, and if you do not have one we will allow you to purchase one for $50 from our cattery. No kittens leave without a proper carrier. Delivery is available within NYC for an additional cost of $250 + tolls. We will deliver the kitten to your door steps. This is contingent on our availability. Delivery via pet nanny, we can provide you with a contractor we use, or you may find your own. This will cost around ~$500-$1200 stateside.
  • How to prepare for my new kitten?
    We are a raw fed cattery and prefer to use Darwin's Pet Food. You can use our code: QSFCATTERY to order 10 lbs. of food + a treat for $15. A donation will also be made to Animal Control Center with this code. When you purchase a kitten from us we will provide a detailed kitten guide 2-3 weeks prior to pick up with all of our recommendations.
  • Do you have retired Kings/Queens?
    We are a boutique cattery, so our retired breeders are limited, however, we do retire our cats after breeding them a handful of times. This ensures that they will be able to enjoy their hard-earned retirement years in tip top shape. We offer our breeding queens to families that adopted kitten from their litters. Only if we cannot find a suitable home, do we list them for sale to the public. You may inquire about adopting a retired breeder if we post them up, but we do not retain a waitlist for breeders. Our retired breeders come up to date with vaccinations, vet check, altered, and microchipped.
  • Are Scottish Folds/British Shorthairs Hypoallergenic?
    No cat is truly hypoallergenic, even the hairless sphynx! The reason is because we as humans are allergic to the Fel D 1 protein that is present in saliva, skin, and other dander that the cat produces. Every cat produces this protein to a certain degree, some just produce “less.” There are products on the market that can decrease the production of this protein, however it will still be present. Please verify that you are not allergic to cats before placing a deposit. We do not refund deposits due to allergies. Additional policies can be found here.
  • What is the difference between Straights vs. Folds?
    Scottish folds are cats that have a natural dominant gene mutation resulting in their folded ear appearance. Those cats that do not have the mutation will not develop these folded ears and will be considered Scottish Fold Straights. They are still Scottish Cats and will process the same playful, cuddly personality without the folded ears. The allowable outcrosses with most cat fanciers are American Shorthair and British Shorthairs; hence the Scottish Straights have a number of traits that resemble these other breeds. For this time we only breed Scottish Folds, Scottish Straights, and British Shorthairs.

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