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If you are searching for the most affordable kitten, then Queen's Scottish Fold may not be the most suitable breeder for you. However, if you are committed to supporting ethical breeding practices and investing in the high quality of your new feline companion, then we recommend you complete our Google Form to begin the process.


Scottish Folds and British Shorthair kitten prices have risen significantly over the years and the trend is projected to continue. Occasionally, a kitten may fall outside our standard price range.

Scottish Straights     $2500-$3500

Scottish Folds        $3500-$5000

British Shorthairs    $4000-$7000

We price each of our kittens individually based on their unique characteristics and development. Each kitten we raise is nurtured from birth, socialized, and provided with the best raw food available. Our pricing is reflective of the time and resources we invest in properly raising our kittens. We import only from top-rated European catteries that share our ethical breeding values.

Our kittens are sold with a legal contract that mandates spaying and neutering (we require proof by 1 year of age) and prohibits declawing and other surgical mutilations. There are no exceptions to this policy. You can download a copy of the contract from our website.

If a kitten is not spayed or neutered in compliance with the contract, a breeding fee will be assessed, and we will immediately issue an invoice. The breeding fee is double the original purchase price of the pet. Failure to pay the fees will result in our immediate right to reclaim the cat at your expense. Any legal expenses associated with the reclaim process will be the responsibility of the breaching party.


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