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If you want to be on the waitlist for future kittens, we require an adoption application and a $300 nonrefundable deposit. 

  • Once the kittens are of 5 weeks we notify the clients on our waitlist down the order of where they are placed. Once you are notified you can either choose from the kittens available or pass and hold your spot if there are no kittens matching your preference. 

  • We work with different coat colors and ear types (straight and fold), but because we are a smaller cattery we cannot cater to extremely specific characteristics. We will not add you to the waitlist if you have extremely specific preferences. Our primary goal is always well-socialized, healthy kittens, that conform to breed standards, coat/eye colors are a secondary priority in our breeding program.

  • We cannot promise that we can get all characteristics to line up in a specific time frame, especially if we have several people ahead of you on the list at the time you join.  That being said, someone at the bottom of the list who is not particular about the characteristics of their new kitten is very likely to get a kitten ahead of someone near the top who wants to wait for an exact match to their list of wants in their kitten.  

  • If you are on our list, you will be contacted via email once it is time to choose a kitten. It is expected that you respond to pick a kitten within 24 hours, if not we will assume you are not interested and move on to the next person on the list. If you choose to skip over 5 consecutive litters we will remove you from the waitlist and no refunds will be given. 

As a micro cattery that produces small, high-quality litters, we advise you to only join the waitlist if you are flexible on either waiting time or the characteristics of the kitten. As much as we would love to please everyone, we simply cannot. The health and safety of our Queens and Kittens will always remain our top priority. 

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption for any reason. If we do not think you are a fitting home, we will not accept you to our waitlist and will refund you any monies that were sent over.

Please fill out the google form to start the process.

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