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Pounce is the esteemed king of our cattery, exhibiting a lush silver coat, mesmerizing emerald eyes, and adorable round fluffy cheeks. With his exceptional temperament and easy-going nature, he is truly a charming ball of floof

Queens Scottish Fold Cattery



Lily is a delightful lilac feline, known for her affectionate and charming nature. She is a purr-machine and adores lounging on the hammock. Her amiable disposition makes her a favorite among the family and visitors alike.

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Patchy is a distinguished member of our cattery, and as a Highland Fold (long hair Scottish), she commands attention and affection from all who encounter him. Her presence is magnetic, and she delights in being close to her human companions, often occupying a cherished spot on their laps.

Queens Scottish Fold Cattery
Queens Scottish Fold Cattery

Smocha is an affectionate and charming lilac Scottish Fold, whose fluffy fur and soothing purr never cease to delight. Her gentle demeanor makes her the perfect companion for cozy afternoon naps and her preference for resting on laps is sure to warm the hearts of all who meet her. 

Queens Scottish Fold Cattery
Queens Scottish Fold Cattery

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Queen, Daphne. With her stunning Silver Chinchilla coat and endearing personality, she has quickly become a beloved member of our cattery. Daphne's affectionate nature is exemplified by her eagerness to receive pets and treats, which makes her a joy to be around. We are excited to see what the future holds for Daphne and her offspring as we continue to breed cats of the highest quality.


Dior is our adorable little lady who will be having romantic dates with Mango, our handsome British Shorthair. She absolutely adores belly rubs, and can't resist them any time of the day!


Meet Queen Beanie, the epitome of feline elegance in our cattery. With her sleek, solid black coat, she exudes a regal charm that captivates all who encounter her. As a Scottish Fold, her unique folded ears add an extra touch of grace to her already majestic presence. Queen Beanie is not just a cat; she's a living work of art, a testament to the beauty and poise that defines our cattery.


Introducing the enchanting Eevee, a mesmerizing calico queen in our cattery. Eevee's fur is a canvas of vibrant oranges, blacks, and whites, creating a tapestry of colors that's as unique as her playful personality. With a mischievous glint in her eyes and a spirited demeanor, Eevee brings a burst of joy to everyone she encounters. As a calico, she's a living kaleidoscope, a delightful blend of hues that mirrors the kaleidoscope of love she brings to our cattery.


Meet MewMew, the charming counterpart to her calico sister Eevee in our cattery. MewMew is a vision of grace with her tri-colored coat, a harmonious blend of rich oranges, deep blacks, and pristine whites. Her gentle, inquisitive gaze reveals a soul as captivating as her striking appearance. MewMew's presence is a testament to the beauty of diversity, as she gracefully navigates the world with the same curiosity and warmth that defines her relationship with Eevee. Together, these sisters paint our cattery with a palette of love and joy.

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