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How to keep your Scottish Fold Kitten and Scottish Fold Cat happy?


Scottish Fold Kittens are very sweet, and they also come with very cute, folded ears. If you’re thinking about adopting one of these cuties, you should make sure you know how to keep your Scottish Fold kitten happy and healthy. If you are a first-time cat owner, there are a few things you should consider prior to adopting these one-of-a-kind purebred cats. In today's post, we'll be exploring Scottish Fold Cats and what makes them happy and content!

Play with them

Playtime with a kitty is essential for their happiness. If you don't have an many hours in a day to devote to playing with your cat, consider getting a second cat so they can keep each other company. Because without proper socialization and stimulation, your cat can develop problems such as

  • Depression

  • Behavioral issues.

This will lead to more vet visits and cost you money in vet bills. Make sure that both of your cats are neutered or spayed. Intact cats tend to mark territory more often than those who have been fixed.

Provide them toys

Purebred cats are often prone to boredom, especially if they don’t have anything to play with. A simple cat toy in a tunnel can be great fun for a cat and will help them burn off energy when you aren’t around. You can also invest in some other toys that you know will be safe for your cat to chew on or bat around. Just make sure any toys you buy are made specifically for cats and that there aren’t any small parts that could come loose and pose a choking hazard. Remember, too, that just like humans so,

  • Kittens need exercise.

  • Try to provide a vertical indoor space where your cat can run around freely

  • You should never let them outside without supervision.

Cats do not need to be outdoors to be happy. If you want to let them outdoors, we recommend a leash and a cat carrier that will allow them a safe space to be if they are tired.

Luxury Cat Tunnel Bed

It’s important to make sure that all purebred cats, especially the lazy Scottish Fold kitties are given access to comfortable beds from an early age, which will ensure that they grow up to be healthy and happy cats. We recommend these types of beds needs for your kitten: a soft cozy Pet Beds we use in the cattery.

Also consider using a cat tunnel or feline-friendly gadgets to keep your kitty on her toes. Add interest and height with cat trees, tunnels, and elevated perches designed for kitties. The more variety you can offer your cat, the better! This bed has many benefits, which include:

  • It provides a safe place for your pet to sleep

  • It can even help relieve arthritis pain in pets this is especially important in Scottish fold cats

Take pictures of them.

This way, you’ll get a more tangible reminder of all their different facial expressions and moods, and it’ll also give you something cute to look at when they’re not with you. You can also try social media for photos. Scottish Folds are extremely popular on Instagram, so you can always make new friends from around the world by posting pictures of your cat and saying where it comes from. This is also a great way to track how he/she is growing up. We also love to post them on Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook and of course Youtube!

How good toys and tunnels are needed for good health?

You should consider a few factors when purchasing toys and tunnels for your pet.

  • Make sure that they’re made from durable materials so that they last longer.

  • Ensure that they come in different colors so that your pet will want to play with them more often.

  • Be aware of how easily your cat can handle them, especially if you have a young kitten.

You don’t want him or her getting injured in any way! There are many tunnel options available on today’s market as well. We love the ones we use in the cattery and recommend them to all our Scottish fold kitten buyers. We also love using an attached hammock, so our Scottish fold kitties can admire birds all day! The best way to ensure that your kitten will grow up healthy is by providing him or her with plenty of affection and exercise.

Give them treats

Treats are a great way to keep your pet healthy. Make sure you’re feeding them tasty cat treats that are filled with natural ingredients, so they can enjoy it while also knowing they’re getting some added health benefits. Keep in mind that each Purebred Cats Cattery has its own set of practices for keeping pets healthy and entertained; be sure you know these before you bring home a new companion! We give them treats that are freeze dried and we make sure they have access to lots of water to hydrate them! If you want more information on what kinds of foods you should be feeding your cat, we recommend following the guidelines of the cattery. At Queens Scottish Fold we love recommending Steve’s Raw Food, you can use our CODE: QSFCATTERY for 20% off.

Are Scottish Folds Hypoallergenic?

All cats produce a certain amount of dander. Dander is an allergen, and it can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. Unfortunately, there’s no hypoallergenic cat; but if you suffer from allergies and live with cats, you may be able to breathe easier knowing that certain breeds are less likely than others to aggravate your allergy symptoms. If you feed high quality food, there is less shedding, which can lead to less symptoms and allergic reactions. At Queens Scottish Fold we love recommending Steve’s Raw Food, you can use our CODE: QSFCATTERY for 20% off.

Give Them Stimulation

A properly stimulated cat will be less likely to develop issues like obesity, depression, or behavioral problems. One way to do that is by regularly playing with your kitty. They enjoy playtime, and it is very important to minimize aggression and improper biting. We do recommend trimming your new Scottish fold kitties nails at a young age so both you and the kitten can enjoy playtime with no scratches.

Try a laser pointer game; it's easy and fun for both of you! If you don't have a laser pointer handy, a wand toy will work just as well. Just remember: You want to keep things positive, no negative reinforcement! Positively reinforce good behavior by praising your kitten after he pounces on his toy. This will help him associate playtime with positive feelings, so he'll want to play more often in the future. It also gives you a chance to get closer to him, which makes for an excellent bonding experience.


The Scottish Fold is a purebred cat that is known for its distinctive folded ears. If you're looking for a domestic cat with big round eyes and a remarkable, friendly personality, you may want to consider adopting one of these wonderful little balls of fur. If you're planning on getting one of these adorable furry companions, you can follow some tips and tricks to ensure it remains happy and healthy for many years down the road. At Queens Scottish Fold Cattery, we specialize in both Scottish Fold Kittens and British Shorthair. We believe they are the best cats out there; you can read the reviews and see for yourself!

Don't forget about the best cat food for Scottish Folds! Feeding your Scottish Fold Kitten regularly, your Scottish Fold will need regular meals throughout the day, especially when it's young. In fact, kittens should be fed around four times per day until they reach eight weeks old. You can choose RAW feed (we love Darwin’s Cat Food CODE: QSFCATTERY for free treats!), which should only be left out for 30 minutes at a time, or freeze dried raw food which can be out all day. Once they are eight weeks old, you can reduce their feedings to three times per day.


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