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Our Story

My name is Jenny, and I am a nurse and a long-time cat lover. Working on the front lines of the pandemic made me realize the value of having a nonjudgmental companion after my hardest days. I searched for a breed of cats that were easygoing and cute, which led me to discover the Scottish Fold breed. I adopted two kittens, and they turned out to be the most docile and well-tempered cats we had ever met.

Initially, we did not plan to operate as professional breeders. However, after falling in love with the breed and finding that everyone who met our cats did too, we decided to do our part in preserving the Scottish Fold breed. I researched and read every single piece of literature that I could find about the breed. Pretty quickly, we decided that we wanted to dedicate the rest of our lives to these fluffy monsters. Queens Scottish Fold was born out of our love for this special breed. We started breeding professionally in 2020, and the rest is history. We have placed a handful of kittens with extraordinary families, and we love the connections that we have built within our little kitten community.

In 2022, we decided to expand into breeding British Shorthairs as well. We are expecting kittens from our pilot golden British Shorthair program in 2023.

Due to my medical background, I treat breeding as both a science and an art. My top priorities are to breed healthy, well-adjusted, and sweet-tempered kittens above all else.

Queens Scottish Fold is a boutique Scottish Fold and British Shorthair breeder located in New York City. With only a few breeding cats, we can produce a limited number of high-quality, well-socialized kittens each year to join your family. Deciding to adopt a kitten is an exciting time for us at Queens Scottish Fold, and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!



Osteochondrodysplasia is a rare genetic disease that affects Scottish Folds. When two folded-ear Scottish Folds are bred together, many of their offspring can develop a severe, crippling lameness early in life. Cats affected by this disease can have shortened, malformed legs and tails, as well as abnormalities affecting their growth plates and spine. As responsible breeders, we are committed to the health and well-being of our animals, which is why we only breed folded-ear Scottish Folds to straight-ear cats.

At Queens Scottish Fold, we take our ethical responsibilities very seriously. As a registered cattery with both ACA and TICA (The International Cat Association), we voluntarily abide by their code of ethics. Our breeding cats are genetically tested for 50 of the most lethal breed-specific diseases, including Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) and more importantly Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) via echocardiogram. This ensures that we are producing healthy kittens and not perpetuating any genetic disorders. Some of the other genetic tests we perform include:

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria (Variants 1-5)

  • Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome

  • ​Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

  • Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria

  • Cystinuria Type 1A

  • Cystinuria Type B (Variant 1-3)

  • Dihydropyrimidinase Deficiency

  • Factor XII Deficiency (Variant 1-2)

  • GM1 Gangliosidosis

  • GM2 Gangliosidosis

  • Glutaric Aciduria Type II

  • Hemophilia B (Variant 1&2)

  • Hyperoxaluria Type II

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy*

  • Earfold and Osteochondrodysplasic (Scottish Folds should only have ONE copy of this gene)

  • Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency

  • MDR1 Medication Sensitivity

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis (multiple variants)

  • Myotonia Congenita

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  • Pyruvate Kinase Defeincy

  • Sphingomyelinases (Variants 1&2) 

  • Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets 

​We never breed folded-ear Scottish Folds with other folded-ear cats, and we genetically test all of our breeding cats for the fold gene. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of all our cats and are committed to providing them with the best possible care.

*Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a fatal heart condition prevalent in purebred cats, notably Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs. Due to the complexity of the condition, relying on a single genetic test for carrier detection is inadequate, given the multitude of genes associated with HCM. Echocardiograms serve as the gold standard for identifying and managing HCM. While costly, these screenings are indispensable for reducing the risk of transmitting HCM to offspring. It's crucial to stress that genetic panels alone are insufficient for HCM screening. Therefore, as a proactive measure, cats in our cattery undergo yearly echocardiogram screenings for HCM.


Everyone loves our Scottish Folds!


Check out the short clip of our interview with Inside Edition. 



We are proud to offer a unique and personalized experience for our kittens and cats. At our cattery, we believe in providing a nurturing environment that allows our furry friends to roam freely and explore their surroundings. Unlike traditional breeders who keep their cats in cages or kennels, our kittens are raised underfoot in our home. With access to both floors and the basement, as well as their own dedicated cat bedroom, they have ample space to play, rest and explore.

Living in Queens, NY, we are fortunate to have plenty of room to dedicate to our cats. Our whole family is involved in socializing the kittens, which means they become accustomed to different people and lots of activity in the home. From an early age, we even train them to tolerate baths and nail trimming, resulting in well-adjusted, cuddly and social kitties that will quickly make themselves at home with you.

We are dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our kittens. That's why our kittens come with age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, vet check, health certificate, health guarantee against genetic defects, and lifetime breeder support. We believe in feeding only raw feed and freeze-dried raw food to ensure a balanced diet. We have also invested in multiple filtered water fountains, scratch posts, Himalayan salt lamps (to improve air quality), air filters, Roomba vacuums and Robolitter Boxes to create a healthy and clean environment for your kitten to thrive in.

At our cattery, we don't just see our kittens as products. When you buy a kitten from us, you become part of our family. We believe that our families form lifelong bonds and friendships, and we are committed to staying in touch with you and providing support throughout your kitten's life. We love nothing more than watching our furry offspring grow up, and we are always here to offer advice and guidance whenever you need it.

Scottish Fold Cattery NYC

Scottish Fold Cattery NYC | Queensscottishfold | New York

Scottish Fold Cattery NYC


Our Cerificates

We are proud to be ACA, Cat KingPin, and TICA breeders

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