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Where to adopt a Purebred Cat.

You’re scrolling through Instagram after work one day, and you see the cutest kitten staring back at you. This kitten has perfect eyes and the sweetest expression. You fall in love, and you’re determined to get a kitten like that to call your own. Where to adopt a Purebred Cat

Your friends always told you that there were many cats and kittens for adoption in the shelter, so you look for hours on adoption sites, searching for a kitten that resembled your favorite feline idol on social media platforms. Much to your disappointment, you can’t find anything similar. Frustrated you start doing more research, and you soon realize that the kitty you loved so much is a purebred cat. Now, you start researching where to buy one. The prospect of dishing out so much money to find a purebred cat scares you, and you want to make sure you are receiving the kitten of your dreams. You’re excited, overwhelmed, and most importantly don’t know where to start this journey.

If this sounds like you keep reading! In this blog post I breakdown to where you can find a purebred cat, and the pros and cons of each avenue. I am not here to tell you the right or wrong answer, only to provide information, so you can make an informed choice. There is a lack of transparency when it comes to purebred cat purchase and adoption, and I am here to break it all down for you!

Adopt a Purebred Cats

Reputable Breeders: Most people who start off the search for a specific breed look for breeders around their local area. Cat registries such as The International Cat Association (TICA), Cat Fancier Association (CFA), and American Cat Association (ACA) are wonderful places to start. On their website, you can find a registry of breeders that are associated with them. Alternatively, a quick search on google will yield breeders in your area – simply ask if they are registered with any association. Good catteries will readily provide that information to you, along with genetic testing, and pedigrees upon request. They will most likely show you the information in person/video call due to a high number of backyard breeders and scammers trying to obtain and forge the documents. Not all breeders who are registered have the same ethics. It is up to you to do your homework, read reviews, check out their social media platforms, and most importantly ask questions. Good breeders are knowledgeable and will be happy to know they are placing a kitten in a well-informed home. At Queens Scottish Fold we specialize in raising healthy, well-socialized purebred Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens, both longhair and shorthair kittens in a variety of colors.

Pros: Healthy and well-socialized kittens

Cons: More expensive upfront cost

Adopt a Purebred Cats


· Breed Specific Rescues: Specific rescues that cater to your breed is another way to obtain a purebred cat and kitten for adoption. These cats are usually rescued from countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, or UAE. Due to animal welfare law being generally lackadaisical abroad, the result is plenty of unethical backyard breeding. These purebred cats end up in the infamous Friday Market, where sick and malnourished kittens are kept in cages for shoppers. Often after A brief stint in their new homes, these purebred cats and kittens are placed in rescues because the owners moved back to their country and left their pets after the impulse purchase. Due to the circumstances of their early lives, these cats may end up with behavioral and health issues that are carried over to their new homes. There is also no way to know the true breed of the cat because there is usually no pedigree involved. Cat and kitten rescuers cannot control which animals will come through the door, so there may be a long wait time for you to obtain the kitten of your dreams.

Adopt a Purebred Cats

· Local Rescues: It is very rare that local rescues will have purebred cats, but it does happen. Sometimes the pet is placed because of behavioral issues, health issues, or simply a change in the owner’s circumstance. Almost all reputable breeders will take back their kitten as to never let them end up in a shelter. So if you ever come across a purebred in a shelter it may be a result of backyard breeding. At Queens Scottish Fold no kitten or cat of ours can be placed without the cattery’s knowledge – our kittens will never end up in shelters.

Pros: Saving a life

Cons: Long wait time. Inability to guarantee healthy purebred cat.

Adopt a Purebred Cats

Classified Sites: Craigslist is one of the most well known classified sites for the sale kittens for adoption in the US. The kittens for sale advertised on these sites are usually the result of people breeding their pets, with no knowledge of breeding or breeding rights. This is reflective of the bargain pricing of the kitten you are looking to buy. Often these cats come with no health checks, no genetic testing, and most importantly no pedigree to certify that you are buying a purebred animal. Scammers are abound and they will take advantage of buyers who are hunting for a bargain purebred cat. If going down this route to purchase a kitten, I would suggest setting up a video call before sending in deposits – ask as many questions as you can, but more importantly, be financially and emotionally prepared if you are to be sold a sick kitten. Other sites that are similar include hoobly and Facebook groups.

Pros: Seemingly cheaper adoption fees

Cons: High chance of adopting sick or “mixed” purebred cat. Scammers.

Adopt a Purebred Cats

Dealers: The high demand for kittens and puppies are driving buyers to seek out purebred cats through third-party websites run by pet dealers. Dealers are middlemen who import kittens from abroad and sell them within the US. Usually, these kittens are from eastern European countries (Ukraine and Russia). After all the external shipping and handling fees, the cost of obtaining a kitten from these places is usually the same price as buying domestically from a good cattery. If you are on a website that sells 2 or more breeds of cats, this is your indication that you are purchasing from a dealer, and not a reputable breeder. Dealers work with many different suppliers of kittens, so there are a lot of animals being listed. The downside of buying from these dealers is that you do not know the origin of the kitten and whether the breeding practice is ethical. The presence of a language barrier and the long transatlantic flight means that if you are not sent a healthy kitten as there is no way to get a refund or send the kitten back. Queens Scottish Fold is conveniently located in NYC, and we ship our kittens by hand in-cabin within the US only. You are welcome to pick up your kitten at our location in Queens, NY.

Pros: Lots of selection in cats and kittens

Cons: Language barrier, inability to know living conditions of breeding cats and scammers.

Adopt a Purebred Cats

By this time, you may be overwhelmed with choices, but I hope at least you are more informed than you have been prior to reading. It may seem like it would be a wise option to find a kitten for adoption for a cheaper cost from classified sites or dealers. Do remember that purebred cats are not budget-friendly kittens to adopt or maintain. In order to ensure that kittens are healthy, no expense is spared with good catteries. Genetic testing, vet bills, top-notch food are just a few of the things that you are supporting when you purchase from a good cattery. The only way to know that your kitten will be healthy is to do your homework and ask questions and adopt from somewhere that loves the cats and breeds ethnically.

Adopt a Purebred Cats

If you are interested in adopting a Scottish Fold from a good ethnical cattery, look no further than You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook - our DMs are always open. We look forward to helping you find the kitty of your dreams!

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