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Scottish Fold: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to adopt a friendly and intelligent kitten with a distinctive, hardy, and adorable appearance?

If yes, then you’ve found yourself on the purr-fect page because a Scottish Fold Kitty will be excellent for you to adopt as a pet!

You must be wondering; How can you be sure that Scottish Fold kittens are the right choice for you?

Well, the only way you can be sure of that is obviously to adopt one, but before you do we’ve got a complete guide on Scottish Fold cats waiting for you.

The smart, lovable, and talkative Scottish fold breed makes an incredible house pet for any urban home. These friendly kittens are super warm towards kids and other indoor pets and also blend in easily into any family.

If you don’t have other pets in the house fear not, a Scottish Fold kitty will enjoy all the human pampering and cuddles that you could provide.

If adopting an easy-going, round-faced couch potato kitty is of interest to you, then you may be ready for a Scottish Fold adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a well-socialized kitten, look no further than at the Queens Scottish Fold, a boutique cattery located in Queens, NY that specializes in Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight Kittens.

History of the Scottish Fold

The history of the Scottish fold goes back to 1961 when a white barn cat named “Susie” was first seen in Coupar Angus, Scotland. As cute as it was, Susie’s cupped ears caught the attention of William Ross, a local farmer.

William, who also happened to be a cat enthusiast, decided to adopt Susie’s kittens. He then began to crossbreed the folded ear cats with British Shorthairs along the help of a geneticist. This is how the Scottish Fold breed originally came into being.

Initially, there were concerns regarding possible ear infections, deafness, or ear mites, limiting the breed’s acceptance in the UK.

However, in the 1970s, the Scottish Folds were bred successfully in the US and have gained immense popularity globally since then.

Scottish Fold Personality

This affectionate cat bonds exceptionally well with caregivers, kids, and other pets in the household. The Scottish Fold character traits include a very soft, chirpy voice and a super mellow easy-going personality.

Often found sleeping on their backs, the Scottish Fold kittens are known for relaxing and being ideal indoor pets. They often sit in a 'buddha position' that involves them sitting up on their back legs like a little human. These gentle play cats are also excellent with children and the elderly, as they are extremely patient and have a soft temperment.

Scottish Fold Characteristics

  • Ears: A Scottish fold’s ears are defined as the most defining feature that sets the breed apart. The distinctive creases along the ears cause them to lie closer to the head. Scottish Straights are the counterparts that have straight ears but very similar personalities.

  • Rounded Face: Emphasized by their cupped ears, the rounded face and wide eyes give the breed an owl-like appearance.

  • Rounded Body: The Scottish Fold has been outcrossed with the British Shorthair and American Shorthair presenting a rounded body and matching a teddy bear-like appearance.

  • Fun Fact: In sync with a cat’s generic personality, the Scottish Fold can pivot its ears in response to sound.

  • Weight: The weight of an average Scottish Fold is somewhere between 6 – 9 pounds for females and 9 – 13 pounds for males. They are densely covered in a short or long coat of fur.

  • Fur Coat Color: The color of the breed’s fur coat comes in a range of colors from tabby to solid colors.

  • Scottish Fold Lifespan: The life expectancy of Scottish Fold is about 11 - 14 years.

Caring for Your Scottish Fold Kitten

Like any other cat, the Scottish fold’s ears must be regularly checked for wax build-up and then cleaned accordingly to prevent ear mites and bacterial infections.

A long-haired Fold would require a brush-out two to four times a week, whereas, for a short hair Scottish Fold, a weekly brush out would suffice. A brush-out prevents matting and skin infections in both cases. Hairball control remedy is also recommended from time to time to avoid hairball build-up.

These hygiene-friendly kittens are fussy about the condition of their litter pans, so regular clean-ups are necessary.

On a medical note, you must pay attention to your cat’s health.

The unusual genetics of the breed makes it prone to certain health conditions such as degenerative joint disease in the ankles and osteochondrodysplasia obstructing bone development. However, with proper diet and supplements, we can delay joint issues and this breed can live a full healthy life.

Some Interesting Tidbits About The Scottish Fold

Below mentioned are some facts about the Scottish Fold breed:

Shedding Amount










Activity Level



As and when needed

Social Attention


Overall Grooming Needs

Moderate to high

Other Traits

  • Easy to train and groom, loves hygiene.

  • Friendly towards humans, strangers, and other pets.

  • Good lap cat.

  • High potential for weight gain (no kibbles!)

  • Tolerates being picked up, nail trims, and baths!

  • Loves sleeping with you

Fun Facts

  • Maru, a popular Scottish fold cat from Japan, has over a million views on YouTube and was once recognized as the most famous cat in the world by Los Angeles Times.

  • Celebrity fans, including Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, and Ed Sheeran have shared numerous photos and videos of their Scottish Fold pets.

  • Scottish Folds are fond of the Buddha position, where they stretch out their legs in the front and put their front paws on their tummies.

The Final Take

If you’ve spent some time on the internet lately, you must have noticed the Scottish Fold cats have taken the online world by storm, primarily because this rare breed is renowned for its sweet personality and adorably good looks.

The Scottish fold is a wash-and-wear kitty! These medium-sized, cup-eared adorable kitties can adjust almost anywhere and require minimal work from the owners.

Since the kittens are easily adaptable, they are as happy in a one-bedroom apartment as they would be in a big mansion. Who wouldn’t want to take these cuties to their home?

If you are looking to adopt a Scottish Fold, have a look at our website; Queens Scottish Fold. We are a boutique cattery located in Queens, NY, and we specialize in Scottish Folds Kittens. Learn more about this incredible breed, and you are sure to fall in love!

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