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Scottish Fold: Breed Profile, Characteristics & Care

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold or the Scottish Fold Shorthair are two varieties of this cat breed. These adorable creatures with unusually shaped ears are always the center of attention, almost as if they were folded into an envelope. They are captivated not just by their outward looks but also by their serene, kind, and well-balanced demeanor.

History of the breed

Scottish Fold

The mutation that causes weak cartilage and inhibits the pinna from standing erect rarely happens in many cats. However, it is accountable for the condition. However, in Scotland in the year 1961, a white kitten with funny-looking folded ears was born, and this is what first piqued the interest of breeders.

They wanted to emphasize a quality that they felt contributed to the cuteness of the whole package. However, when lop-eared animals were bred with one another, it was discovered that there was a problem: the progeny often had significant impairments in the musculoskeletal system. Today that is no longer in practice as we know the detrimental effects of breeding two folds. All responsible Scottish Fold breeders will breed Scottish Straights to Scottish Folds or outcross them with British Shorthair or American Shorthair cats.

A new phase in the development of genetics began in the 1970s, and research was carried out at that time. Since that time, lop-eared cats have been bred with cats that have regular ears in an effort to improve their appearance. This results is the birth of happy, healthy kittens with lop ears.

Scottish shorthairs sometimes gave birth to kittens with long hair, they decided to breed cats with long hair separately. The first Highland cats were registered in 1966, and by the 1990s, the breed with longhair, now called Highland Folds have gained recognition all over the world.

In the process of breeding, it is permissible to cross the Scottish/Highland Fold with either the British Shorthair, British Longhair, American Longhair and American Shorthair Cats. The cat federations strictly control that the kittens produced by these crosses who have straight ears are registered as representatives of the Scottish or Highland breed, and not the British breed.


Scottish Fold

The Scottish cat is unrivalled in its capacity for adaptation. They easily adapt to new circumstances, are not bothered by the presence of loud people, and are content in both solitary and social settings. Scots seem unfazed and unconcerned even at shows, where bright lights, loud noises, and strange odors might make animals uneasy.

They will not wreck the apartment while playing. Still, they will gladly accept any opportunity to run after an arch that is suspended by a string or participate in any other game that is presented to them. They especially love to cuddle and sit on the laps of their favourite humans and are known to be loyal and affectionate companions.

Scottish Fold Care

The thick coat of a Scottish fold may need brushing weekly to avoid the formation of hairballs.

Nails should be trimmed every two weeks, and you should also have a scratching post for your cat. At least once each week, you should clean your cat's teeth to maintain appropriate oral hygiene. Check the ears of your Scottish Fold once a week for any symptoms of irritation, mites, or infection. Keeping a close watch on the ears of your Scottish Fold is important. As a result of the reduced airflow, cats with ear wrinkles may be more prone to developing ear infections.

There is a considerable amount of activity in Scottish folds. They like spending time with their human companions and engaging in fun activities with their toys. Make sure there is a cat tree for them to jump on and a human lap to nap on, and they will love you forever.

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Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
03 окт. 2023 г.

I am excited to find more information about this breed of cat. Since I have been planning to get a cat for a long time. And thanks to the collection of scottish fold images I realized what breed I would like. This is a real source of positivity for me.

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