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How to Eliminate Litter Box Issues

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Are you thinking of purchasing or adopting a Scottish fold cat? If your answer is yes, you're making an awesome choice because the Scottish Fold kitties are considered the best human companions. The Scottish Fold breed is the best choice as a pet because they are cute and fun-loving. As with all cats, we want to make sure that litter box issues are nonexistent and if they are present eliminated immediately.

Scottish Straight Golden Chinchilla

According to the ASPCA, 10% of all the cats around the globe face elimination issues at any point in their lives. As a responsible pet owner, you will have various solutions to confront these issues immediately. Sometimes when people buy Scottish fold kittens and British Shorthair Kittens and they expect them to be perfect and litter boxed trained. However, this is not always the case. Scottish fold kittens for sale below the age of 8 weeks will sometimes face elimination issues. That’s why at Queens Scottish Fold cattery all our Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Kittens leave our homes at 12 weeks. If had a chance to buy Scottish Fold cat from someone prior to 8 weeks and they developed litter box issues you may want to read on for tips and tricks on how to eliminate this issue.

Is an automatic litter box a good solution? What medical conditions should I look out for? In this article, we will answer your question, as to why cats face litter box issues.

Causes of litter box issues in cats

Reasons for litter box issues in cats can be due to:

1. Stress and anxiety

Cats such as Scottish Fold kittens and British Shorthair Kittens usually face the most common litter box issue because of stress and anxiety when being introduced to a new home. Like humans, pure bred cats also experience a host of emotions and this can cause them to make mistakes and not want to use the litter box. At Queens Scottish Fold we have specific recommendations for litter, food, toys, and most importantly litter box recommendations that we urge all our Scottish fold kitten buyers to follow. This will help reduce the stress and anxiety that can induce litter box issues.

2. Medical issue

Sometimes the Scottish Fold Cats and Scottish Fold Kittens can have litter box issues due to medical issues like urinary tract problems, blocked urine, painful urine. Your Scottish Fold Kitties and British Shorthair Kitties are the masters are camouflaging their illnesses. When your kitten starts to develop litter box issues it is important to rule out any medical issues with your trusted veterinarian.

3. Preference Related Problems

Your Scottish Fold kitty may also have location and litter box preferences. These preferences are usually developed early on in life, but they can be changed when there is a life changing event such as a big move. In Queens Scottish Fold we train all our kittens to be accustomed to using an automatic litter box, such as the Litter-Robot so if parents want to spoil themselves with this gift, their Scottish fold kitten will already be adjusted. Usually our Scottish fold kittens enjoy taking up the stairs to their litter robot, but we also recommend getting another stationary litter box for your Scottish fold kitten and British Shorthair Kitten in case they prefer two litter boxes. Remember litter boxes are like toilets and some cats just like people prefer more options to eliminate.

4. Soiled Areas:

Cats have a sense of smell that is around 14x stronger than humans. They are creatures that are motivated by pheromones and they find comfort in their own scent. This is why kittens and cats hide in the litter box when they are scared. If your Scottish fold kitten eliminates outside the litter box, it is important that you clean the area with a scent eliminator to discourage them from forming a habit. Scottish fold kittens, just like any other purebred cat are clean creatures and enjoy a clean litter box. If you are someone that cannot commit to scooping at least 2 times a day, we highly recommend getting a litter robot for your Scottish fold kitten. This is only fair to your newly adopt Scottish fold kitten.

Automatic litter box- A fantastic solution

The automatic litter box is the perfect solution for your Scottish Fold cat owners who remain worried about the cat's health due to the litter box issue. It is also good for the owner's health too; it makes homes less smelly and germs-free.

Here are many benefits of an automatic litter box:

You don’t have to pick up a litter box scoop again and again

An automatic robotic litter box’s litter sifting technology has made it easy for everyone to separate the clean litter from soiled and clumped litter. Thus, it changes the litter and leaves a clean bed of litter after every use so that you don't have to do anything manually. It keeps the litterbox clean for your Scottish Fold kittens and British Shorthair Kittens.

The cleaning process will be easy for you.

Regular litter boxes are hard to clean. You have to summon the courage to face the litter box. Then you have to search for a different hand scoop and clump off the dirty tray wall. Then you have to see if that comes into the garbage. Care must be taken not to break those clumps. After completing this task, you feel like you must take a shower. It is very gross to clean the litter box. Sometimes it also becomes dramatic. With an automatic litter box you no longer have to worry about struggling. All you have to do is press a button and empty the tray out once every few days. This will give you more time to snuggle with your newly adopt Scottish fold kitten.

You will be able to save money.

The litter robot’s precise technology enables you to not throw out clean litter with used litter.

Traditional litter boxes don't get scooped ASAP. So waste material starts collecting on it with time. When you have many cats, then there are chances that these clumps will break with subsequent use of the litter box. During scooping, small chunks don't get sifted properly and remain there.

These clumps start smelling, and their color gets darker. Then no option is left behind except to dump the whole tray of litter and buy a new one. This is a waste of money. Litter robots dispose of only dirty litter and preserve the clean litter so you don't need to go to the store to buy new litter, and it also saves your money.

You will save time

If you spend ten minutes scooping your litter box, it becomes an hour each week, and then you can do something better this one hour a week, like cuddling with your newly adopt Scottish fold kitten. This is more enjoyable than scooping the poop. You can sleep, work out, make a meal, or maybe just watch one more episode of The Office with your Scottish Fold Kitten or British Shorthair Kitten.

Go anywhere for days without worrying about the litter box issue

The litter robot works on automatic mode, so it doesn't require any daily guidance. It can be controlled on your smartphone allowing you to go on a long weekend away trips without worrying about your Scottish Fold Kitten or Scottish fold cats.

You will be carefree about your other pets' health

When you have small kids at your home, you often have to worry about getting them into a dirty litter box, or if you have some other pets, you also face the same situation. You don't need to worry if you have a litter robot that can automatically removes waste immediately, and the drawer keeps the clumps out of the reach of kids and other pets.

It reduces the smell.

Pet waste causes smell in the room, but a litter robot’s litter chamber solves this problem. This litter chamber is half enclosed in the globe. Thus, it prevents the spread of litter box odors throughout the home. In addition to it, it also cleans the poop immediately, so the odor doesn’t spread.

After the cat uses the litter, robot waste clumps are collected in a sealed drawer below the globe. Thus, it doesn't allow the odor to escape. There is a carbon filter in the litter box, so it absorbs the smell and stops the growth of mold.


Litter box issues are not common amongst purebred cats. If you do see elimination problems with your Scottish fold kitten, it may be wise to visit a veterinarian for advice if you are unable to get rid of it yourself following the tips we have. We also recommend a behaviorist that may be covered by your pet insurance. At our cattery we offer Trupanion insurance that can be activated once the kitten leaves our home. They cover up to 90% of all claims, even those related to behavioral issue. We hope that you never have issues with your Scottish fold kitten or British shorthair kittens. That’s why it is so important to support ethical breeders when you are ready to buy Scottish fold kittens! You can learn more about us on Pinterest, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.


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